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évasion – opening

évasion opens on Tuesday 28th October at UTS Gallery, Sydney. The show will be exhibited from 28 October– 28 November. It’s been a long process but we’re happy with the finished work. We filmed a professional escape artist, Ben Murphy, performing Houdini’s famous straightjacket escape. 

The installation plays back sequences of the escape performance across 8   separate flat screens both breaking-up and restitching it. Arranged in an    octagonal configuration, the audience circumnavigates the screens      watching the escape unfold with each screen playing back its own angle  and tempo of events. The circumnavigation promises to reveal how the escape ‘works’, but the  more of the escape unfolds the less of the trick is revealed. Multiplying beyond the ‘narrative’ of escape toward movement expressing itself, not one but several bodies escape.

Évasion’s soundscape is responsive to the viewer in the space. Some sound seems to move ahead of the viewer’s movement around the installation. Like the escape artist, the sound also threatens to escape from the audience. Unknowingly you actively engage with the media environment you perceive. Looking, hearing and moving are not separate modes of sense perception: they become relational. We hope, with works like these, to move toward a practice concerned with an ecology of media-perception.



Escape Artist: Ben Murphy

Hardware Development: Rob Lawther

Director of Photography: Tania Lambert

Costume: Trish Barker

Graphic Design: Mike Avery