Dr Michele Barker is an artist working in the field of media art with a focus on experimental cinema. Her artworks explore and research embodied perception, emphasising relations across sensory modalities – the way movement inhabits vision or the way our auditory sense works in tandem with our proprioception. She engages critically with the ensemble of digital technologies, medical and scientific applications, and both cultural and popular responses to science and technology.

Barker is a former senior lecturer in the Faculty of Art and Design, University of New South Wales. She now is much happier as an artist|thinker|surfer

Anna Munster is an artist, writer and educator, and currently associate professor in Art and Design, University of New South Wales. Anna has worked artistically in audiovisual environments and media since the late 1980s and has exhibited in Tokyo, Vienna, New York, London, Sydney, Korea and Bangkok. She has an extensive artistic history in sound having created experimental radio broadcasts for the Australian national radio network, and designed museum sound installations. She has worked most recently using soundscapes, interaction and installation design to explore both human and nonhuman movement and perception.

Anna is a published author with two books –An Aesthesia of Networks (MIT Press 2013) and Materializing New Media (Dartmouth University Press, 2006). She regularly contributes to journals, writing on art, media, politics and culture and is a founding member of the online peer-reviewed journal The Fibreculture Journal. She is currently a partner on a large multimember tertiary and community grant, Immediations (funded by the Canadian Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council), with Erin Manning and Brian Massumi investigating research, creation, art and media.

Barker and Munster have collaborated for over 20 years and their work has been exhibited extensively in Australia and internationally, including in Vidarte, the Mexican Biennale of Video Art; The Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) Taipei, The Photographer’s Gallery, London; FILE Festival, Sao Paolo; Museum of Art, Seoul; and the Art Gallery of New South Wales. Out of a residency at Eyebeam in New York they developed the award wining multi-channel work, Struck, which has been exhibited in Australia, the US, China and Taiwan. Recent works include: évasion, (UTS Gallery, Sydney, 2014), an 8-channel responsive installation working between dance, performance and the moving image; and the multi-channel interactive work, HokusPokus (Watermans Gallery London, 2012), which explores the relations between perception, magic and early moving image technologies and techniques. This work was chosen to represent Australasia as part of the International Festival of Digital Art and the Cultural Olympiad in London in 2012.