Technical Information on the installation of pull

An installation shot of pull showing Channel 1

Channel 1 goes beneath the breaking wave, using underwater cinematography. Shot at 2000 frames per second (fps), and slowed down even further in post production, the sequence plays back 100 times slower than the usual 25fps rate. On seamless repeat, the wave’s motion is so slow that the forming and breaking wave becomes mesmerising. Subtle changes in light, perspective and movement become highlighted, creating a sense of ‘feeling’ the wave.

An installation shot of pull showing Channel 1

In channel 2, traces of a body move through the water; sensed but not seen. We created a volumetric animation sourced from motion-tracked data of the cinematographer, captured at the time the wave footage is shot.  Animating this data, we created a sense of a human body moving in relation to the forces of its watery environment. The animation is less ‘visualisation’ and more a conveyer of a visual force. The resulting channel gives a sense of the continuously differing relation between a moving human body and a moving body of water.


The work has been designed for maximum effect and flexibility in a variety of spaces. Its spatial design is paramount to delivering its immersive experience. Technical design requirements:

Option 1: 2 x high wall or ceiling mounted projectors with the projection throw arranged flush to floor and at a preferred height of 3 meters.
Projection arrangement: parallel screens/walls/corridor (preferred), or screens at right angle (corner projection)
Minimal lighting.
Wall-mounted speakers

Option 2: 2 x large flat screen monitors parallel


2 x 1080p projectors or 2 x large flat screen monitors

2 x linked media players (artists to supply). These players are designed to seamlessly loop, link and playback the work. For information about this simple playback system, please visit:

Stereo or surround sound system connected directly to media player